The workshop is surrounded by the climate of Mount Hira and Lake Biwa.

The beautiful but harsh natural environment is reflected in our creations.

Isao Oota

Urushi craftsman, designer, glass sculptor

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1977. Graduated from the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Chuo University in 2001. Joined Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Studied under Kyoto Urushi-nuri master Tadahiro Ooya in 2008, and became independent in 2015.

Sayuri Oota

Maki-e craftsman, designer, modeling and decoration

Born in Kyoto, graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design, Japanese painting course. Worked as a Maki-e artist at Uesugi Manju Studio. Became independent in 2013.

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