Glass Art      Part De Verre Technique

The term “pate de verre” means “glass paste” in French. It is a glass art technique in which the glass paste is packed into a plaster mold and fired in an electric kiln to produce a vessel or glass.

1.Prototype creation
Form a rough idea in clay.
Then, plaster it to create a detailed shape.

2.Mold making
Use refractory plaster to make female and male molds to form a vessel.

3.Combine the male and female molds.Fill it with glass powder.

4.Firing in an electric kiln.
After firing, the mold is removed.

5.Shape the glass with a cutting machine or router.

Urushi Art      Maki-e Technique

Maki-e is a urushi technique in which patterns are drawn in urushi and then decorated by sprinkling gold or silver powder on top.

1.Draw a pattern with Urushi.

2.Gold or silver powder is sprinkled on the pattern. (Depending on the type of metal powder, this process may be completed.)

3.After drying, it is polished to make it shine.

Urushi Art    Urushi Paint Technique

There are 3 important factors to paint Urushi beautifully.
1.Adjustment of the Urushi condition: The viscosity and drying speed of the Urushi must be adjusted according to the environment and objects to be painted.
2.It is important to keep the Urushi from sticking to the surface before, during, and after the painting process.
3.When painting the Urushi, the thickness of the Urushi should be carefully monitored to ensure that there are no uneven coats or brush marks.

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