【Urushi×Glass】ぐい呑み 緩  Sake-Cup Kan





サイズ : 67×67×35mm
素材 : ガラス、漆、銀


[About the work]

Urushi x Glass

Transparent, colorless glass is applied with transparent Suki-Urushi, Japanese lacquer. The amber color of the vessel is the color of Urushi itself.
Suki-Urushi is Urushi that has had as much water and impurities removed as possible from the sap that flows from the Urushi tree. In other words, it is the Urushi itself without any additives or impurities.
Irregular lines are silver Maki-e. From the side, you can see gold lines through Urushi, and from the top, you can see silver lines through glass.
Please use this amber-colored vessel for parties or when entertaining guests. How about giving it as a gift to your loved ones?

Size : 67×67×35mm
Weight : 70g
Material : Glass, Urushi, Silver

*The products are handmade and may differ slightly from the pictures shown. However, the basic image and texture will remain the same. Please be forewarned.

この製品はガラスに漆加工を施しています。耐熱ガラスではないので、煮沸したり70°C以上の熱湯 をかけないでください。また、急激な温度変化(特に急冷)で割れることがありますのでご注意くださ い。ガラスに傷がつくと破損しやすくなります。また、以下の点についてはできるだけ避けてご利用ください。

ご使用後はスポンジや柔らかい布で水洗いしてください。台所用の中性洗剤をご使用いただいても構 いません。洗った後は必ず乾いた布で水気を拭取ってください。陶磁器や金属食器等固いものと一緒に 洗うと傷の原因になるのでお避け下さい。


This product is made of glass with a urushi finish. It is not heat-resistant glass, so do not boil it or pour boiling water over 70°C (140°F) on it. Also, be aware that sudden temperature changes (especially rapid cooling) may cause the glass to break. If the glass is scratched, it may break easily. Please avoid the following points as much as possible.
Do not use in environments with rapid temperature and humidity changes, such as microwave ovens, dishwashers, dishwashers and dryers.
Do not leave the product in direct sunlight for long periods of time or soak it in water.
Do not use of scrubbing brushes, polishing powders, or polishing waxes.

After use, wash the product with water using a sponge or soft cloth. You may use a neutral detergent for kitchen use. After washing, be sure to wipe off the water with a dry cloth. Do not wash the product with hard items such as ceramic or metal dishes, as this may cause scratches.